The Land of Quilty Delights

Welcome to "The Land of Quilty Delights," an imaginary land filled with all things quilty and featuring some of my favorite traditional blocks.  Available as a giclee prints (archival, high quality, lightfast with a 100+ year rating)  in 8 1/2 by 11 or-by special order- 11 by 14 inch sizes.

If you begin at Home Sweet Home, nestled on the westerly side of Mount Joyous Inspiration,  travel clockwise around the map to visit a number of places familiar to any quilter:

  • Indecision Jungle (too many choices!)
  • The Life Giving Forest (a Tree of Life block)
  • The Valley of Creative Delight
  • Port Anticipation
  • The Rainbow Islands that include Full Bobbin Island, Secret Stash Island, Inspiration Island (complete with lounge chair and cold drink with paper umbrella)
  • The Rocky Shoals of Too Much to Do (work, chores)
  • Pass the Patchwork Fields of Plenty on Paradise Island (the main island)
  • into the Storm at Sea and
  • the Ripping Tides (seam ripper)
  • Visit the Isle of Applique (Satinstitch Beach, Needleturn Cove)
  • Pass under the gentle feathered vine breeze of Zephyra, the goddess of the west wind
  • get stalled in the Dead Zone (a.k.a. the Basting Zone)
  • before sailing into the Bay of Completion
  • where of course you can visit the Last Stitch Ice Cream and Soul Redemption stand
  • before making a stop at The Cotton Boll Retail Therapy Spa and Grandmother's Garden before heading home.

And there is a Compass Rose, of course, as the sun, with specially designated N-S-E-W.  And the "Legend" will tell you Home Sweet Home is self-cleaning and comes equipped with a chef!  No cooking, no cleaning, more time to quilt!

Can you tell I had a blast coming up with all of this????  

Regular prints are sold out!   You can custom order either size.

Available in 8 1/2 x 11 inch giclee print for $40 including shipping within the US. Shipped flat on acid-free foamcore. 

Custom order 11 x 14 inch giclee print for $60 plus actual shipping (will vary depending on whether you want it shipped flat or rolled).

For outside-of-the-US shipping, please email me via the contact me page and I'll get you a quote for international shipping.  Thanks!